Benefit #4: Boosting the Local Economy

There will be direct short and long-term economic benefits for hosting the Games. How many tourists spend how much money; how many construction workers find jobs; how much is spent on supplies and services from Calgary companies; how much money is left behind by national delegations and media? Let the economists debate about exactly how much benefit. We all know, intuitively, that there is at least some short-term economic impact.

What doesn't need debate is that having world-class facilities enables Calgary to host national and international events for decades to come. Each competition draws visiting delegations, media and fans to Calgary, where they buy hotel rooms, meals, transportation, and souvenirs. Worldwide media coverage enhances Calgary’s visibility which leads to business, conventions, and tourism.

  1. Of the 12 national winter sports organizations in Canada, eight have offices in Calgary or Canmore.
  2. Each year more than a dozen world cup level events are held in Calgary and the Bow Valley.
  3. More than 200 national and international sporting competitions were held in Calgary in the 15 years after the 1988 Olympics.
  4. A city report says Calgary has lost numerous international events, and the associated spending, due to insufficient facilities. For example, a new fieldhouse and a 6,000-seat community arena would enable competitive bids for events including, but not limited to: the Davis Cup, the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) World League, Combat Sports, World Hockey Challenge, World Synchronized Skating Championship, World Curling Federation, Basketball World Cup, track and field events, soccer, and various entertainment events. 



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