#MythBusted: No events will be held in Edmonton

Calgary 2026 Bid Corp. clarifies that no events at all will be held in Edmonton.

With our sincerest apologies to the good people of Edmonton, we're pleased to see that the Calgary 2026 Bid Corporation has clarified, for once and for all, that no events at all will be held in Edmonton. 


Our apologies, Edmonton :-)

Bot and troll accounts on Facebook and Twitter have been promoting a number of inaccurate claims over the last few days, as part of what appears to be a coordinated to spread misinformation about the bid. One such inaccurate claim is that hockey events for the Calgary 2026 bid would be held in Edmonton. Today, Calgary 2026 has clarified that no events at all will be held in Edmonton.

Calgary's bid is perhaps the most fiscally responsible and transparent ever. But the complex process of putting together a bid can lead to all kinds of misinformation, both intentional and unintentional.


Only two events outside Calgary/Canmore

Calgary's bid includes only two events that will be held outside of the Calgary/Canmore region - and that's Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined. Hosting these events would require newly-built specialized facilities and other costs totalling an additional $70 million and, unlike all other planned local venues, would have minimal utility after the games. So, this decision makes good financial sense.

Below is the tweet posted by the Bid Corporation that clarifies this fact:



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Get the facts about the benefits

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